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Professional Gutter Cleaning and Other Eavestrough Services in Kelowna

Windows and eavestoughs are your house’s first line of defense against weather and the elements, and often the wear and tear can take its toll. John’s Eavestrough Service offers premier gutter repair and gutter cleaning in Vernon and Kelowna. We also provide window cleaning services. 

If your gutters or windows need some work and you live anywhere around Kelowna & Vernon, call John’s Eavestrough Service today. You can always expect honest window and gutter cleaning and repairs for your home at a fair price. Available by appointment 7 days a week, we can clean windows, clear out gutters, and repair damage to your eavestrough in Vernon, Kelowna and other surrounding areas!


Professional Gutters Maintenance and Much More

From spring to winter, your gutters are exposed to seasonal elements like rain, sun, snow, and wind. So, it is common to find leaves, dirt, debris and a lot of water accumulated in your gutter. This can often cause them to overflow and eventually pull loose from your house. Without maintenance, these dirty and damaged gutters can cause serious water damage to your home.


By keeping your gutters maintained, you can protect your windows, siding, doors and foundation. If you’re dealing with a gutter that needs attention, we can solve your woes with our reliable gutter repair and gutter cleaning in Vernon and Kelowna.


Our list of cleaning and maintenance services also include:


Call us for our services and we will get your job completed professionally so you can save time and effort.


Does Your Gutter Need Repair?

Timely repairing service for your gutter can save you a lot of trouble by preventing costly water damage. If you notice the following signs of gutter damage, you should schedule gutter maintenance and repair immediately:


Leakage is a tell-tale sign of gutter damage. If you notice water leaking from your gutters, holes or rust may be present. Professional gutter repair can plug the holes and seal leakages to prevent water from damaging your walls, doors or windows.


Stagnation due to downspouts
If the water is pooling around your foundation after heavy rain, your downspouts might need to be repaired. Timely repairs and adjustments of downspouts by professionals can prevent water from stagnating or causing soil erosion and growth of mould.


Loosening of gutter
When the gutters start coming off from the gutter hangers which attach them to the fascia boards on the base of your roof, it is an indication of damage. Loosened gutters may even sag, not allowing proper drainage of water from the roofs. With proper repairs, such gutters can be repositioned.


Loosening of downspouts
When your downspouts accumulate a lot of debris, they come off from the joints which connect them to the upper gutters. When you notice such loosening, know that it is time to get your downspouts cleaned and secured to the upper gutters with the help of gutter cleaning and repair professionals.


We Value Customer Satisfaction

At John's Eavestrough Service, satisfactory customer service is an assurance. We are always ready to assist our customers and deliver quality cleaning and maintenance for windows and gutters. Professional and on-time, our team tries to reach you and attend to your service requirements as soon as possible. We understand that emergencies might come up any time and hence, we are available throughout the day, seven days of the week.


Affordable Window & Gutter Cleaning and Repair in Kelowna, Vernon & Area

Our window and gutter services are provided by licensed and experienced professionals. We are dedicated to offering cleaning and repair to some of your house’s most important exterior features without costing you a fortune.


Contact Us Today

To learn more about our professional gutter cleaning services in Vernon, contact us today. You can expect quick and efficient solutions and have your property cleaned within no time! Fill in our e-form and a member of our team will get back to you promptly.



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Professional Gutter Cleaning

Get your gutters cleaned and repaired with our round-the-clock professional services.

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